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Lakeville Townhomes Community, Memphis Tennessee

Renovation and Rehabilitation of 226 Apartments on 13 acres

Memphis, TN US

Detailed Description of Project

226 apartments situated on 13 acres of land with the lake- gated community. Property acquired in February 2007. Complete renovation and rehabilitation scheduled on May 15, 2008. In thirty years of successful restoration Landmark activity, Mr. Fakiris has always strived to achieve the perfect balance of “invisible intervention” on Landmark and Historical Structures using contemporary and ancient methodology and new purpose and function. Final outcome results in intervention being barely or not visible at all. Landmark’s restored life as a functional Structure with the preserved historical and architectural value provides existence in the future. We would like to encourage your inquiry, with the hope that will have opportunity to present more details of our work we are proud of, without constraint of this short presentation form. We are convinced, we can achieve desired restoration outcome by implementation of multidisciplinary approach as a fusion of architecture, project management, craftsmanship, careful selection of materials and restoration techniques.

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Apollon Group LLC has established a successful track record and impressive list of achievements. Our main areas of focus are:

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