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College Point Development

Office and Warehouse Units

New York, NY US

Detailed Description of Project

Very unique concept of Office and Warehousing Units, each consisting of two level space, attracting flagship tenants such as: Motorola, Makita, New York Police Department and experiencing complete occupancy from the beginning. Combination of attractive office space and medium size easily accessible warehouse in one unit, matched almost perfectly needs of small and medium size businesses and startups, total of 147,000 sqf on four and a half acres. Built also on environmentally reclaimed site, requiring extensive stabilization effort with pylons going up to 160 ft in the ground. Structure is modeled and inspired by aircraft wing, accentuating proximity of LaGuardia Airport

Why Choose Us?

Apollon Group LLC has established a successful track record and impressive list of achievements. Our main areas of focus are:

  1. High Reliability
  2. Reasonable Cost
  3. Dedication
  4. Development Expertise