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Bank Building, Trenton, NJ

300,000 Landmark Bank Restoration

Trenton, NJ

Detailed Description of Project

This Landmark is undergoing extensive restoration after 17 years of vacancy and neglect, left at the mercy of elements. This Landmark is important part of the history, especially part of banking history, built for that purpose at the beginning of the century. Social significance of this Landmark is equally impressive, preserving the equal opportunity to employment efforts of the time. In final stages of restoration, Bank Building is already a visual and architectural delight. Pronounced elements of the stone façade are shining again with the impressive, fully restored copper cornice, new all wood windows, modeled according to the original. This 300,000 sqf Landmark will offer combination of Office, Retail and loft looking Apartments, in this reincarnation. The purpose of this Landmark is redefined through high quality collaboration under Mr. Fakiris leadership. Bank Building Landmark has been salvaged by enthusiastic effort of local volunteers and Landmark expertise of Mr. Fakiris Organization, as a developer. New purpose and regained beauty of this Landmark is already attracting new tenants by offering high end amenities in a historical setting, including parking space, high ceilings, broadband, gym, restaurant, washer and dryers on each floor, downtown leaving in an oasis of peace and tranquility.

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Apollon Group LLC has established a successful track record and impressive list of achievements. Our main areas of focus are:

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