Dragan K. Kocic

Real Estate Professional with domestic and international experience in Asset Management, Property Management, Strategic Planning, Acquisitions & Dispositions, Special emphasis on value added opportunities and turnaround, with the track record in improving return on invested capital.

Residential, multi-family acquisition, reconstruction/ remodeling, repositioning of two properties consisting of 340 units, Lakeville Townhomes Community and Sterling Townhomes and Apartments in Memphis, TN, enhancing revenue, return on invested capital, operating performance, and project construction management, definition of the scope of work, contracts negotiating, coordination between sub-contractors, construction financing requisition and communication with the team of Bank Engineers, staff selection and supervision, application and compliance with PILOT program (Payment in lieu of taxes).

Key contributions:

Acquisition : Maximizing return on invested capital, cash-on cash, internal rate of return, PILOT benefit analysis, PILOT Application and successful outcome resulting in 10 years tax freeze at pre-construction level for Sterling Townhomes and Apartments Successfully petitioned to Memphis Board of Equalization, resulting in real estate tax freeze at pre-construction level for Lakeville Townhomes community, for tax year 2008.

Asset Management: Property Management System implementation to materialize attention and care multi-family properties need, design and implementation ofoperating cost reduction without sacrifice of level of service provided to tenants, analysis, selection and implementation of criteria to position two properties in close proximity to each other to create marketing appealing mix, monitoring and review of changes in fiscal area and tax policies affecting our industry and our business model.

Property Management:Built and lead the team of dedicated Management Team Members, with emphasis on highest standards in service to tenants, quality and safety, review and selection of property management system and IT, formulated scope of work, selection of contractors and subcontractors to perform very substantial renovation/ remodeling consisting of 25 major exterior and interior renovation categories, construction project management, develop policies and procedures to assure prompt rent collections, prospective tenants screening, legal services, prompt and quality preparation of units for rent- ready, quality improvements of maintenance team work, human resources management, emphasizing creativity, talent, transparency, critical and constructive approach to analysis and proposed solutions, continuous improvement, understanding of tenants needs, ethical and responsible approach to all activities and processes, importance and benefits of team work, complete adherence to Equal Housing Opportunity Act .

Operations Management: Helped create, review and select policies contributing and affecting productivity, safety, effectiveness and efficiency, constant workflow monitoring and improvements contributing to operational efficiency, research of newest trends and advances in the field suitable for implementation on our business model.